October 2008 archive

Peaceful Weight Loss in October

Halloween is coming and my son doesn’t like candy. Well, that’s not entirely true. He likes the concept of candy—the shape, color, and packaging; something rare and valuable to get excited about. I have the same feeling, really. Rare special foods that please our senses of taste, smell, feel and vision are fantastic.

I’ve still decided, though, that he won’t be filling his mouth with Snickers, gummy bears, and Tootsie Rolls this Halloween. Why not? Because it’s not rare—not unusual—not really interesting. It’s EVERYWHERE all the time. We can’t go pick up a prescription, shop for food, or buy some cotton balls without encountering these things. It also turns out these foods don’t actually taste good. They don’t actually look that good and, strangely enough, compared to real foods they are also low in smell.

My parenting choices aside… the point is that you should definitely eat “candy” sometimes, without a though of its nutritional content. But let’s make sure it satisfies our definition of candy—special, rare, interesting to look at, and delicious. This real candy will allow your senses to guide you to a moment of bliss—and isn’t that really what you want?