January 2009 archive


Happy new year!

Like most people, I tend to have some pretty big ideas around this time of year. The rush of the holidays leaves me in mid-January ready to “get stuff done.” Interestingly enough, this is just the attitude that many yoga texts warn us against. Focusing on results (like dropping pounds) instead of the state we would like to cultivate for those pounds to come off (being present to our needs) is a mistake we humans make over and over again.

This year will be different for all of us, though. This year we commit or re-commit to our practice. Our practice takes many shapes:
Asana (postures);
Breathing practices (pranayama)
Staying in the present
Getting enough sleep
Eating foods that make us feel good
Eating in a way that bring us more energy
and more…

This practice allows us to be ourselves. To feel the prana (energy) that flows through us and connects all things. As we stay present to this feeling (in our bodies), we naturally do what we must to keep this energy flowing. This is the key to lasting weight loss—an addiction that’s actually good for us.

May we all experience that which nourishes us all.