November 2011 archive

The Yearly Thanksgiving Reminder

May I please have your attention!!!! Thanksgiving eating is not a barometer of your self worth!!!!

May I please have your attention!!! What we choose to eat on this holiday in no way predicts the future size of our bodies!!!!!

OK – Here it is plain and simple. We have a holiday in this country that is centered around food for most people. If we called it “Food Day”, the overeating that tends to happen on this day would be less confusing. We would collectively overeat and all feel good about it.

I am not suggesting that we all eat as much as possible this holiday. I do suggest that self criticism goes on holiday also. Let’s focus more on enjoying the food we choose to eat. Let’s be fully aware of the uniqueness of this day – a day when food is front and center in a positive way, and we choose to participate fully by enjoying every bite.

Here is our Thanksgiving practice.

“I am thankful for all the joy this food brings.”

“I put aside all the ways food is difficult for me for this day.”

“May we all find nourishment, enjoyment, and peace today.”

Dig in!

With great respect and love – I wish you all a stress free holiday.