January 2012 archive

Bring On The Light!

I live in the northeast and I’m happy to report that the days are finally getting a little bit longer. That said, even this mild winter is a long one. Every night I find myself wanting to curl up on the couch and eat warm, bready things. It turns out that this is normal because of our wiring – probably to keep us alive all winter long back when we were living outside. So don’t blame yourself or your “lack of willpower” for wanting to eat and sleep more. We do however have to look at our rhythms if we are trying not to overeat every day.

Here are some suggestions for where to put your effort:

Get up with the sun! Having more sunlight in your life will improve mood and set your natural rhythms to work correctly.

Practice in the morning. Asana, breath connection, prayer, meditation, music listening. Whatever starts your day in a centered, positive way will help clear your mind of the extra stress that the winter doldrums can create.

Go outside. Even if it’s an extra 3 minutes outside in front of your home or office.

Go to bed earlier. Give into being more tired and stop trying to keep yourself awake with food.

Drink more water. Especially if you spend all day inside dry, heated environments.

Practice smiling (even if you feel unhappy). It turns out that the act of smiling dumps happy chemicals into the brain.

Try some or all of these suggestions. Anything that you can do to promote a sense of well being will likely translate into less intense food cravings. Using your energy to add simple positive acts to your daily rhythm is your best bet for managing the more difficult eating behaviors.

May we all find light this month,



I am so inspired.

People transform themselves in so many ways using the Peaceful Weight Loss process. I have seen so many people rid themselves of patterns that no longer serve them and become happier and healthier as a result.

A few examples of Peaceful Weight Loss success from this past year:

A woman ended her bulimic tendencies and lost 35 pounds.

A client lost 40 pounds and has kept it off for 3 years now.

A woman who has moved through her body issues enough to eat regularly and enjoy it. She reports she is no longer “torturing herself”.

A client who has stopped binging at night for the first time in her entire life.

Seeing these kinds of changes day after day is such a gift. When people discover the link to their true self, they move beyond the difficulty of their mind – the thought patterning that has been imposed on them. And contentment grows.

I want to thank everyone that has shared their experience with me over the last year. I also want to welcome everyone that is new to this process. Have faith that doing this work, and making your way towards incrementally changing your relationship with food, will pay off. I encourage you to find the support you need by staying connected to Peaceful Weight Loss through Yoga in any way in which you feel comfortable. (Check out our site for more ways to connect.) We have an exciting year ahead!

May we all be nourished this meal, this day, and this year – so we may nourish the world.

Blessings and light,