Transformation, a 9 month course in Peaceful Weight Loss

Change your relationship with your body and food. Begin June 6, 2018!

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“I woke up this morning feeling very free and as if the “weight” or worrying about food had lifted. Like so many other parts of this program, my transition this week to the weight loss part of the program has felt natural, very “do”able and like I no longer need to struggle with eating. This is what I was after when I started the program but I really didn’t believe it would happen. I’m into enjoying the progress and letting the future take care of itself as it comes. The guidance I have received along the way and the feeling that I am with other people on the journey has helped sustain me. Thanks to all of you”.—M.A.H.

Grow, Develop, & Learn:The online format is intended to create more ease in your life and guide you towards the life you were meant to live.

Receive Mentoring: Mentoring is deeply important when you are working hard to create lifelong change. Brandt and Anna personally offer straightforward guidance and inspiration in every session and the live Q&A’s assure that your specific needs get met.

Get Support: Our amazing community rocks! Monthly Q&A’s, an online member FB group, a constant reminder that we’re not alone. The power of the group is immense. It’s a place to celebrate our progress, and get help with areas of challenge.

Go Deeper Within Yourself: You’ll have the skills you need to help relieve your suffering and increase healing in yourself, and others.


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More about Transformation:

Peaceful Weight Loss™ will enable you to move toward your ideal weight in a supportive, steady, and sustainable way. Our customized Peaceful Weight Loss through Yoga classes, coursework, and community are constant inspiration for food support and ongoing body and weight issues. We understand your food obstacles and Transformation can help you maintain lifelong and permanent change.

Have you ever?
● Tried to diet and ended up in the same place (or worse)
● Struggled through endless attempts at the gym
● Beat yourself up for not having enough willpower?
● Noticed that no matter what you do you’re unhappy with the way you look?
● Lost more weight than you currently weigh?
● Beat yourself up every time you see a small number change on the scale?

We know how difficult our relationship is
with our bodies… and with food. We have
the ability to make it better.

Over the next few months you will:
● Find a food and lifestyle path that includes your whole picture
● Shift food cravings
● Identify triggers for yo-yo diets and food issues
● Improve your overall well-being with yoga
● Understand the role of “will power” and “fitness” in your weight loss
● Discover the use of meditation and breath to change your eating patterns and disordered thinking about your body and food

And how?
Using steady and guided effort focused on practical and beneficial lifestyle shifts you will be more positive and energized to meet your goals. Using a step-by-step approach, with gentle yoga practices that includes simple movement, breath work, and meditation, you will find your way of eating allowing you to lose weight and keep it off forever. The practices are catered towards individual needs and are designed for all levels. No experience necessary.


Let this be the year you transform your relationship with food and your body!

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