Become a Peaceful Weight Loss Instructor

brandt_teachingWhen we take this practice from the yoga mat into our lives, we celebrate the places where things work well and all of the ways that we created systems that promote ease and happiness. We also continue to make slow incremental changes that can last in the places that create unsteadiness.

Certification enable graduates to join the Peaceful Weight Loss practitioner network. Practitioners may use Peaceful Weight Loss™ through Yoga as a credential with their name and materials. Additionally, you will be building a network, creating exposure, and becoming eligible for referrals.

After certification, there will be monthly meetings with Brandt and other Peaceful Weight Loss practitioners for continued support and sustainability.

We look forward to hearing from you – Namaste!


To become a certified instructor, you will:
• Attend at least 80% of live classes (others may be made up)
• Complete 12 sessions of private instruction
• Complete all home practice/study components
• Work (unpaid) with 2 practicum clients for 12 sessions each.
• Notes from sessions submitted for review by Brandt. These cases will be reviewed in private sessions with Brandt as well as in class.
• Demonstrate competency in all areas of teachings. If a student needs additional instruction to develop these skills, it will be offered at a reduced cost.
• Not mandatory, but student should attend a Peaceful Weight Loss seminar at some point. This should be done before completing certification if possible and can be done by attending one (live or online) or by sponsoring an event.

This course covers all subjects required to work with students for weight loss. Examples include:
• Asana practices for weight loss for special populations
• Pranayama practices
• Assessment skills
• Addressing other imbalances commonly founds with weight loss clients
• Nutritional needs
• Yoga/tantra philosophy and how it relates to weight loss work
• Counseling skills
• Meditation techniques
• Changing food perspectives and cooking
• Eating as an energetic/spiritual practice
• Teaching students to connect with flowing prana
• Ayurvedic assessment and how to let it inform your work with clients
• Case studies from Brandt’s Practice
• Business skills needed to do weight loss work
• How to present yourself as a Peaceful Weight Loss practitioner

Teaching Format for Peaceful Weight Loss Through Yoga:
The Peaceful Weight Loss through Yoga certification course is being offered as an online course using videoconferencing technology, that is straightforward, easy-to-use and allows for personal connection and participation.

The course is designed to take roughly 7 months. You need a PC or Mac with video camera capabilities and a headset/microphone. (We like the Logitech headset/microphone.)

• The group (max 10 people) will meet online once a week for 24 weeks for 1.5 – 2 hours.
• Classes will be interactive including time for lecture, questions, answers and discussion.
• Students will meet privately with Brandt for 50 minutes biweekly during the 24-week course. (12 privates total.) Sessions provide students the chance to experience one-on-one counseling work firsthand, and allows Brandt to address personalized needs,
• Students will be paired up to work with one another occasionally.
• Students will work with 2 individuals (practicums). This will allow students more time to practice and get comfortable with the work before going public.
• Students required to maintain a personal practice to include a minimum 30 minutes a day 4 days per week of PWL asana, relaxation, and pranayama.

The full cost of this program is $2800. Brandt offers scholarships, so please inquire about these. Brandt says, “Cost or price should not be a hindrance if you are called to do this work.” Other payment arrangements can be made if necessary. Payment is due before the start date of the course.

Schedule and Timing:
We are putting a group together now. Weekly class time will be determined according to the group.

Contact us to learn and connect. We look forward to hearing from you – Namaste!

What people are saying:

“I took the Yoga for Peaceful Weight Loss Teacher Training last year and benefited tremendously; I can’t recommend it enough! The common sense approach Brandt has created is completely brilliant. This course transformed my own relationship to food and my body, and increased the amount of wellness I experience on a daily basis. I learned how important it is to work with someone over a longer period of time, what kind of guidance is needed in order for clients to take the next step, and how individual support is key to lasting changes. I now feel confident now to offer this work to others, and love helping my clients find more love and self-acceptance through this method. “
Suzanne Lynch, Director of Saratoga Springs Yoga

“The PWL teacher training was a wonderful learning experience. Brandt is a compassionate and lighthearted teacher with a knack for incorporating many elements yoga theory and philosophy into a coherent framework. The individual sessions were especially helpful for defining my needs as a student, and the group classes were a wonderful opportunity to share our experiences. The level of ongoing feedback helped me to deepen my personal yoga practice, helped me direct my teaching, and provided a sense of security as I delved into this new area of teaching. I would highly recommend this training for any yoga teacher interested in sharing Peaceful Weight Loss through Yoga.” — Gita Brown