Complete Set: 12 At Home with Peaceful Weight Loss DVDs


Price: $108.00


Peaceful Weight Loss™ through Yoga helps people move past the struggles associated with dieting and meet their weight loss goals – forever changing their relationship with food, and themselves. It’s about nourishing the whole self… and forever changing your relationship with food.

At Home with Peaceful Weight Loss™ makes the program practical and accessible with 12 gentle yoga sequences that help you integrate the program into your life in a way that works for you.

Enjoy all 12 At Home with Peaceful Weight Loss™ DVDs and work with the Peaceful Weight Loss program! Practice with a new DVD each month, or mix it up depending on what makes sense to you!

Originally designed as a 12 month yearly program, these DVDs are a wonderful package of yoga practices to keep you connected to your weight loss goals. We are happy to offer this 12 pack at a reduced rate! Each DVD has a 30-40 minute yoga practice including an inpiring introduction with Brandt Passalacqua, Peaceful Weight Loss™ creator.
If you are new to Peaceful Weight Loss™, the At Home with Peaceful Weight Loss DVDs will prove a gentle and positive introduction to a program that’s put countless people just like you on the path to wellness and well-being. If you are already a Peaceful Weight Loss™ practitioner, owning these DVDs will inspire you to integrate new ideas into your practice, keeping it fresh and moving you forward on your journey.

Live the calm, healthy and happy life that you imagine and deserve! For more information about each practice, look at the individual DVD descriptions. DVDs titles included in this set of 12 are:

1. Finding the Breath
2. Why We Practice
3. Letting Go
4. Sustainable energy
5. Awareness
6. What Nourishes You?
7. Effort
8. Keeping it Light
9. Reprogramming: Everything is OK
10. Steady Comfortable Pose
11. Meditation
12. The Importance of Ritual

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