DVD #07: Effort – At Home with Peaceful Weight Loss

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Peaceful Weight Loss™ has helped thousands of people move past the struggles associated with dieting and meet their weight loss goals. It’s about nourishing the whole self… and forever changing your relationship with food.

Effort is the seventh At Home with Peaceful Weight Loss™ DVD. Enjoy a simple and effective 32 minute yoga sequence led by Peaceful Weight Loss™ through Yoga creator, Brandt Passalacqua. This DVD also includes an inspiring introduction to Effort. At Home with Peaceful Weight Loss™ has been developed to fit into your busy lifestyle while meeting your needs to stay centered and lose weight.

Effort is energy. If we use too much we end up depleting ourselves and if we use too little, our energy doesn’t move and we get stuck. In Peaceful Weight Loss we focus on 4 priciples. 1) Letting Go 2) Awareness 3) Effort and 4) Steadiness or Sustainability. In this yoga practice, we move towards effort using these points to guide us. The rewiring of how we direct and use effort begins here and translates into our weight loss goals. First we take a breathe and let go. We allow our awareness to broaden into our breath and body. From this place, we lessen our tendency for overwork. Directing our effort leaves us with more physical and mental energy and we are able to make choices from a calm and energized place.

Find greater energy with this DVD and you will have made the first step to connecting to your weight loss goals — and to yourself.

At Home with Peaceful Weight Loss™ will enable you to move toward your ideal weight in a supportive, steady, and sustainable way.

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