DVD #11: Meditation – At Home with Peaceful Weight Loss

Price: $14.95


Peaceful Weight Loss™ has helped thousands of people move past the struggles associated with dieting and meet their weight loss goals. It’s about nourishing the whole self… and forever changing your relationship with food.

Meditation is the tenth At Home with Peaceful Weight Loss™ DVD. Enjoy a simple and effective 42 minute yoga sequence led by Peaceful Weight Loss™ through Yoga creator, Brandt Passalacqua. This DVD also includes an inspiring introduction to Meditation. At Home with Peaceful Weight Loss™ has been developed to fit into your busy lifestyle while meeting your needs to stay centered and lose weight.

Meditation is a big subject. Within the yoga tradition there are hundreds of different descriptions of the meditative process. At the core of all of them is a singular concept. When we sync our mind with our true nature, things get better for us. When we “get out of our own way” the mind finds its natural state which is peaceful.

This DVD focuses on a beautiful moving meditation sequence that will bring you into the present, experiencing the true self without the mind’s judgement cluttering up perception. Our yoga practice becomes meditation as we direct ourselves to fully experience it. When you practice on a regular basis for even a short time, it can have a profound effect on your weight loss process.

Simply go inward with this practical Peaceful Weight Loss moving meditation practice and watch as the power of your own true nature helps you see the way toward more peace in your life. With this DVD you will have made the next step towards connecting to your weight loss goals — and to yourself.

At Home with Peaceful Weight Loss™ will enable you to move toward your ideal weight in a supportive, steady, and sustainable way.

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