DVD #12: The Importance of Ritual – At Home with Peaceful Weight Loss

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Peaceful Weight Loss™ has helped thousands of people move past the struggles associated with dieting and meet their weight loss goals. It’s about nourishing the whole self… and forever changing your relationship with food.

The Importance of Ritual is the eleventh At Home with Peaceful Weight Loss™ DVD. Enjoy a simple and effective 35 minute yoga sequence led by Peaceful Weight Loss™ through Yoga creator, Brandt Passalacqua. This DVD also includes an inspiring introduction to The Importance of Ritual. At Home with Peaceful Weight Loss™ has been developed to fit into your busy lifestyle while meeting your needs to stay centered and lose weight.

The practice of yoga acknowledges our need for ritual, or structure. We like to believe that without rules, structure, or ritual, we are free but we just exchange one set of rituals or patterns for another. In our lives, this can show up as fad diets or exercise programs. Our yoga practice encourages us to use structure and ritual as a container in which to find our freedom. With time and practice our new rituals bring us back easily to mental states that benefit us. This is an important key to our weight loss process.

On this Peaceful Weight Loss DVD we cultivate peace through our ritual of practicing yoga on the mat. This ritual of moving with the breath, finding alignment in the body, and starting and finishing the practice with intention create new pathways and are experienced in the mind and body. Out of this mental space, anything is possible. Enjoy this Peaceful Weight Loss yoga practice and you will have made your next step in your weight loss process and making peace with yourself.

At Home with Peaceful Weight Loss™ will enable you to move toward your ideal weight in a supportive, steady, and sustainable way.

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