Brandt’s Story: 7 Secrets to Peaceful Weight Loss Success

Author, speaker and the founder of Peaceful Weight Loss™ through Yoga, Brandt found himself, at age 30, with a debilitating autoimmune disease, struggling with excessive body weight and substance abuse.

Brandt remembers, “At my peak I was over 100 pounds heavier than I am now. I’ve always loved food, but I was disconnected from how it made me feel. And, looking back, I had many obsessive food behaviors. I ate when I was happy, or depressed, or bored. I ate a lot. Some good food, some bad.”

“I was always trying to lose weight. Often through exercise—I ran 4 times a week while smoking 3-4 packs a day. My weight bobbed up and down.”

He remembers: “My sickness landed me in the hospital, followed by a several months of recovery. My near death experience highlighted the need for a spiritual life—at the time, I had none. My legs were weak and I was completely out of shape. I needed to do something. I was grateful to be alive.”


Success! “How I Lost Over 100 Pounds and Lived to Teach About It”

A friend urges Brandt to attend a yoga class, and the transformation began: In slow but gradual steps, over the course of one year, he instigated the same changes in his life that he promotes for you:

1. Do yoga. Yoga lowers stress and anxiety.

Brandt: “When I started doing yoga regularly, my stress level lowered. How stressed had I been, anyway? I think I was in a constant state of stress!”

2. Do yoga and “let go” regularly.

Brandt: “I started doing yoga regularly and really felt it was changing me. I started to eat differently. Gained the willpower I had been lacking. As I physically opened myself, the weight fell into place. I was not doing a strenuous practice. But I did it every single day. Also, I wasn’t a “natural.” I couldn’t sit comfortably. I had no range of motion. Things others did effortlessly, I considered impossible. But I did it anyway.”

3. Build awareness rather than getting numb.

Brandt: “I put myself on a new yoga and eating regimen which progressed all the time. By practicing yoga the awareness came. It was that simple. The desire for awareness came, too. I wanted to know more and more about food. How much and what did I really need to eat?”

4. Be open to change.

Brandt: “I was ready to lose the weight and keep it off this time. It was going to be okay if it fell away slowly because I was really paying attention. The process and the result became one.”

5. Effort the easy way

Brandt: “By applying effort to that which is readily attainable we build confidence and momentum. Each step is based in our personal truth and leads to next.

6. Keep going. Trust yourself and know that you are on the right path.

Brandt: “Even when I had a “bad” day, I always remembered that I could re-set. Because I was doing yoga and everything else was in motion from this place, I didn’t spiral out of control. I was re-programming my sabotaging mind, I could feel it.”

7. Open up to your beautiful true self with compassion, education and smarter choices every day. Constant support helps!9-month

Brandt: “Always celebrate your gradual changes and be comforted that the movement you’re making is leading you to great change. I didn’t have support and I wish that I had. Staying anchored in your process with someone to guide the way makes the journey that much easier.”

“I am a new person, and I am so pleased to share my experience with others who need inspiration – let us help you!”