Gradual Shifting

It is hard not to jump ahead of ourselves. We all do it. The nature of the mind is to project into the future. In the weight loss process, it usual appears something like “I need to lose 50 pounds” which becomes “oh no I’ve only lost 5 pounds—I have so far to go” which then becomes “I need to do more so I’m going to eat less, go to seven yoga classes a week, and hop on the treadmill every morning” which of course leads us to “I can’t do this, I’ve failed.” Ahh, the mind—a constant run-on sentence.

The truth is, although not all progress comes in small shifts, the parts we have control over do. I have seen clients in my private practice that make huge leaps in the way they take care of themselves in what seems to be short periods of time. Those leaps, however, are ALWAYS preceded by a series of several small and gradual changes. Going to bed a half hour earlier. Finding some time to breathe in the middle of the workday. Practicing yoga two days a week before work. Cleaning the kitchen so it’s accessible. There is always a series of these seemingly small life-enhancing improvements that lead up to the big “AHA!” life changing moments.

It is important to stay aware and celebrate your gradual changes. Find a few moments to reflect on what little things have shifted for you. Be comforted that this movement is leading to a large AHA! in your future. Look for small places in your life that you can sync with your overall goal of nourishing yourself. Use your capable mind to work with what is right in front of you. By doing this and staying present in your process, you will find the openness and peace necessary to experience great change.

May we all be reminded of our greatness today.

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