Happiness and Motivation

It’s February. And here in New England anyway, it’s pretty common for people to have trouble motivating this time of year. The cold weather and lack of sunlight add to the feeling of wanting to shut the alarm off and go back to sleep. How do we stick to our intentions when the external factors seem to be against us? How do we wake up and practice when we just don’t want to?

The first thing is to be clear about our goals. It’s easy when caught in the doldrums to forget that the primary goal of our process is to be happier. Happier people have more energy and experience less stress. And when this is happening we make food choices that support our happiness. It then becomes a self supporting cycle: Better food and activity = happiness and happiness = better food and activity.

So what makes you happier? Does practicing yoga help? Do you need more social interaction and community support (Sangha)? Do you need to read or watch more uplifting material? Do you need to go outside, cook a delicious meal, play with your dog, play music, paint? The more you can feed your happiness the easier motivation will come.

Take the easiest road in. What is the one thing that you can do to begin this cycle today? Keep it simple and be present enough to enjoy it. Whether it’s moving and breathing, going to your favorite lunch spot, or grabbing a new book, you will be feeding your natural ability to move towards the happiness that is always present inside of you.

May we all breathe in happiness today.


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