The holidays are a minefield for us folks with food issues. It can feel like someone has loaded a machine gun with foods that we often don’t want to eat and we are the target. This coupled with the ordinary holiday stress and we’ve got a full-blown disaster on our hands.

So why is this the case? Is there something we can do differently so that the holidays don’t become a time of weight gain and regret? The answer is yes. And it lies in the power of intention.

A clear intention (or set of intentions) will light the way when the mind becomes confused. An intention is different than an idea in that we contemplate it to send it deeper into our mind. That way when the thoughts are flying above it our intention can ground us and guide our actions. Intentions need to be short and sweet. Clarity is the key.

To set your intention for the holidays – find a quiet place and ask yourself what is the most important thing or two that you need to do to be centered this holiday season. It may be food related (I am not going to eat Mom’s cheese danish because it makes me feel sick) or it may not be food related (I am going to wake up early and take a walk).

Once you’ve found your intention sit quietly and imagine it happening. Picture yourself in all of the situations where you want your intention to be front and center. Then picture yourself after the holidays getting back into your groove having succeeded in remembering your intention.

By setting your intention in this way it will find a prominent place in the thousands of thought patterns that will swirl through your mind as you move thorough the end of the year. Stay focused on your intention, and don’t worry about other goals or desires that you may have. Keep it simple and you will be rewarded with the experience of taking care of yourself this holiday season.

May we all be blessed with peace and clarity this season.

Namaste, Brandt

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