Peaceful Weight Loss in September

At the studio where I teach, yoga classes are full of students embracing a new season. As we move out of our summer schedules, we are presented with opportunities for change to occur.

This is the great thing about transitions. Seasons, birthdays, illness, etc… All change may allow us to move forward with new energy and determination. The more present we are during each transition, the more we are able to see an opening for change to occur. No longer “trapped” in that which binds us, we are free to move forward in a way that feels in alignment with who we truly are. Practice is the key to that presence.

This month I present you with a challenge – find yourself for a few moments daily. Make this your practice. Can you watch your breath for a few minutes every day?

If you do, you will be presented with the possibility of opening for a positive shift in your life. This shift may feel profound or subtle. I’ve seen people realize that they can take a couple of yoga classes each week. I’ve seen people realize that they do not need to eat candy at work. I’ve seen changes in how individuals approach each day directly resulting in doing their job differently. Or that yogurt makes them sick. We never know what the opening will be.

Honor yourself during this transition of seasons with the practice of being present.

May all beings be free and happy – May we all benefit from one another’s presence.


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