The conscious mind is so damn persuasive. It can convince us of anything. Recently, a friend told me that she forgot to eat breakfast because she was stacking wood. And even though she was starving, she worked right through lunch. It wasn’t until hours later when she couldn’t continue that she went inside to eat.

This is often our experience—the physical signals are there but we ignore them. Is there something wrong with us? Have we all gone mad?

Of course not. The mind is just doing what it does—getting through the task at hand and trying not to let silly things like hunger bother it. Then, of course our hunger becomes an emergency and we eat in a way that isn’t ideal for us.

What yoga offers is a way to train our mind so that it doesn’t lose perspective. Ancient yogis saw that without keeping the mind focused on the bigger picture, it tended to get caught up in little things. We then make decisions that aren’t ideal based on these distractions.

So how can we train our mind? One simple method is to feed it inspiration on a regular basis. Read spiritual teachings, texts, and poetry, listen to or play music, sit or walk in nature. These are some of the ways to remind the mind that we are part of a greater whole and that our current preoccupation is probably not an emergency.

My suggestion this month is that you find a way to inspire yourself on a daily basis. Keep a book on your breakfast table as part of your morning ritual. Play music while you are sitting around in the house. Find a moment to look up at the sky and take it in. It sounds ridiculously simple, because it is. Without this reorientation the mind is more likely to lose it’s way and forget the bigger picture.

May we all be reminded of beauty today.

With respect and love,

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