Present Mind, Present Body

Here we are again. Thanksgiving. Time to put our practice to the test.

1) Eat only whole foods.
2) Stay away from all sweets.
3) Eat moderately and go to bed feeling satiated but not full.
4) Be content in the knowledge that you have conquered your mind’s desires.


1) Eat whatever you want.
2) Gorge on appetizers, stuffing and pie.
3) Get it all in ‘cause this day won’t come around again for another year.
4) Notice it later.

This mindset is how we work. We set ourselves up in these endless either/or scenarios. Year after year we try so hard to either fight against or give into our desire-minds. Rarely does this way of being work. And by work I mean, leave us feeling peaceful and present.

So this year focus on one thing—Staying Present. Ask yourself “What do I really want?” When you get the answer, feed your desire by staying present and truly enjoy every mouthful or moment. The more you feed that desire the more satiated you will be. Avoid mindless eating. Eating unconsciously leaves us feeling unfulfilled. This becomes an issue because the desire never gets fed so it is never quelled.

Lastly, remember that sometimes the desire is not for pie or stuffing. It’s about memories of the past, or craving for our situation to be different. As we let ourselves acknowledge these states, it becomes easier to take a breath and make our way to the present moment again. Once we arrive, the pumpkin pie tastes delicious.

May we all experience the bliss of the present.


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