Reality Check!

We can’t know where we are going if we don’t know where we are. And knowing where we are can be very challenging. On a daily basis most of us assess, then re-assess, and re-assess our re-assessment of what we think we need to do to achieve our weight loss goals. This can be energy draining and non-productive. From a yogic perspective, this is because our unconscious mind is running the show and directing our thoughts in a way that isn’t very helpful. Our job is to ground ourselves in the present and make decisions using all of that which is available to us—our intelligence, our wisdom, and our bodies. It is from this expanded place that we easefully find our way.

So instead of stepping on the scale every day we find our practice. We connect our body and mind with our breath. Once we do this we have a reality check. Anchored in the present we ask ourselves “What do I need to do today to be centered, peaceful, and nourished?” When we do this our answers become clear. I need to practice. I need to eat regularly. I need to take a walk after work. I need to call my family. I need to not overeat this meal in front of me. I need to go food shopping. Simple answers come and we follow them.

In this way, we become more and more grounded and less overwhelmed by our suffering. And this allows us to take actions that benefit us.

May we all find clarity and peace today.

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Om Shanti,

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