Sattvic Lifestyle Eating

Different and new points of view are great—they help us break out of old, unproductive patterns and acknowledge the ones that are working well.

In Ayurvedic thinking, there are three basic states: Rajas, Tamas, and Sattva. Sattva is the peaceful or harmonious state. There is very much advice about food and lifestyle, but I think the basics make sense to me, and will to you too.

Sattvic Food—should be fresh, never more than 24 hours old. Not too spicy (for you). Although ingredients can be combined, food should be kept simple. In general one should eat until 3/4 of the stomach is full (in other words, don’t stuff yourself). Late night eating is discouraged.

Sattvic Sleep Patterns—First, get enough sleep. Second, sleep the same times every day. Third, sleep at night. : )

Sattvic Exercise—should be gentle to moderate. It should be energy- building, not depleting. And it should be done in the early morning.

Spiritual practice is the above three, which will make one more receptive, calm and peaceful in general. In yoga, there are many paths, but all have a sense of surrender and selflessness.

By taking care of our physical and mental needs, we put ourselves in a position to see our true spiritual nature clearly. When we don’t, we become Rajasic (agitated) or Tamasic (dull and lethargic). By encouraging and participating in a Sattvic lifestyle, we lessen the other tendencies and set ourselves up for a spontaneous, naturally occurring state of peaceful being.

May your weight loss process lead you towards Sattva.

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