Access Peaceful Weight Loss Through Yoga With Private Sessions, Coaching and One-on-One Connections

brandtPeaceful Weight Loss™ Private Sessions are designed to help people move past the struggles associated with dieting and meet their weight goals. These personal sessions enable you to move toward your ideal life in a supportive, steady and sustainable way. We are able to connect from anywhere in the world via video conferencing (Skype, Facetime, Chat, etc) or phone. Ongoing support continues even when not in session with personalized goal setting and guidance for your own private journey.

Our private sessions are the key to the whole Peaceful Weight Loss process because your trust and commitment in us begins here — with intentions for losing weight, gaining control, making peace with food and your body, and enhancing your entire life. Working together enables you to realize change.


A typical private session consists of:
● Private yoga instruction geared towards building a practice you can do on your own.
● Food coaching to help you develop sustainable food choices and eating habits that will help you reach your ideal weight.
● Connection and understanding of who you are, where you’re at, and how far you’ve come. We won’t let you lose your way, but we will help you lose your weight.

Questions about a Peaceful Weight Loss session or want to set one up with Brandt or Anna? Contact them – they want to hear from you!

Still on the fence? Read “Why would I want to work privately with a Peaceful Weight Loss Teacher?”

Benefits after 5 sessions

Almost everything we do at Peaceful Weight Loss through Yoga tries to ensure the meditation and yoga therapy fits into your busy lifestyle while meeting your needs to stay centered and shed pounds.

Brandt, Anna, and other PWL Professionals work one-on-one with people who are looking to lose weight and bring their physical, emotional, and spiritual self into greater alignment.

It’s one thing to learn how to adopt these healthy lifestyle changes, but it’s quite another thing to maintain it consistently; everyone needs help.

Together we will:
1. Set intentions that work.
2. Begin simple yoga practices that will guide you toward your weight loss goals.
3. Start to “get out of your own way” and the mind will find its natural state, which is peaceful.
4. Change your stress levels with Peaceful Weight Loss practices.
5. Develop sustainable food choices and eating habits to help you reach your ideal weight.
6. Notice shifts to keep you motivated to move through your process with the support you need. Small steps equal great strides.


“Try to integrally shift someone’s unwanted and harmful patterns of self-destructive behavior is so delicate, sensitive, fragile. Peaceful Weight Loss Through Yoga is one of the only programs designed to meet that level of care and thoughtfulness.” — Kathleen, Canada