Spring Cleaning

Spring is almost here, and it often brings thoughts of renewal and cleansing. Time to get rid of the old and make room for the new. When we think about our yoga practice, we can be drawn to thoughts of cleaning out our body, but really it is our mind that needs some “cleaning.”

Our recursive, difficult, addictive thoughts are often the most challenging to work with. They guide us into unstable, non-nourishing behaviors that cause us, in the end, to gain weight. As spring arrives, we can make room for more useful and beneficial thinking to dominate our mental space.

So what do we do? How do we design a cleanse that will bring us this much wanted spaciousness we desire?

Just like fasting from food—we need to set aside some time to fast from non-nourishing thoughts. We need to fill our minds with beauty, love, and positive thinking. Let’s take one week where everyday we make time to practice in a way that we enjoy. Let’s read something that makes us happy. Let’s listen to music that uplifts us and spend time with people we enjoy. Go to your favorite restaurant or make that meal you love that you haven’t had in a while. Take a break from the negative as much as is in your control. And these things are.

At the end of your cleanse see if you are changed. Notice if any of these positive thoughts and patterns want to stick around in a more permanent way.

And of course, share your experience with anyone that will listen including us here at Peaceful Weight Loss: info@peacefulweightloss.com

May we all find the light today.



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