Staying on your Path

I’m noticing that the powers that be have decided that summer is approaching and that you should care very deeply about bathing suit season. They have decided that the best thing for you to do is to get anxious and do something drastic to change the state of your body. And, of course, we all initially respond to these messages with total agreement. If we get anxious enough about our current state of affairs, then we’ll motivate to DO something about it. And fast. We should use our anxiety as an agent to promote change, right? Wrong.

Stress is not your friend. Stress and anxiety have not helped you to lose weight and keep it off in the past. Stress causes most of us to eat in an irregular manner and to make poor short-term decisions (like trying to lose 30 lbs in 30 days). Most important, being stressed is extremely unpleasant.

As you counter stress responses in your body and mind, your weight loss efforts will be easier and more pleasant. You are an individual and you are on a path towards wellness. Staying on your individual path will not only help you achieve your weight goals, but it will keep you sane and able to steer clear of the non-useful (and stress producing) media/cultural enviroment around you.

Find your yoga practice on a regular basis. Move towards a way of nourishing yourself that leaves you feeling calm and energized. Stay on your individual path and let no one sway you. You are already doing something to transform by being in the Peaceful Weight Loss process. No more is required of you! Allow yourself the experience of inner peace by knowing you are already doing enough.

Honoring your path, Namaste!

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