Taking Care of Yourself is not “All About You”

As we move into the holiday season, we often have more to do. Office parties, connecting with family, preparing food…all these things infringe upon our daily rhythms. With all these extra obligations, it is easy to let our personal practice slip. We may find ourselves eating differently, skipping morning practice, staying inside instead of taking a walk. I notice people getting less sleep, less movement and, most important, less happy! And, of course, this comes through in our interactions with others. The net result is diminished peace for the people around us.

So here’s my pitch for the holidays this year. Take care of yourself as an offering to the people around you. Find time to enjoy some yoga practice. Take a 15-minute break to find your breath. Shop in a way that surrounds you with foods that make you feel well and peaceful. In other words, your Peaceful Weight Loss practice is the same. Eating, moving, and breathing in a way that gives you more energy.

This may include eating less than you did last year, or it may include eating your Mom’s pecan pie. It may include practicing Christmas afternoon with your children. Or walking around the neighborhood with your sister. Continuously ask yourself, “What do I need to be doing now to feel clear and keep my energy consistent?” If you center on yourself in this way, the people around you will benefit.

I hope your holiday season is peaceful, and that we may benefit all beings with the work we are doing on ourselves.

Loka samasta sukino bhavantu
(May all beings find peace and happiness)


year I pick a charity to promote. This year I’ve picked

The Food Bank for New York City

They provide food for over 1.3 million people in need. As the economy worsens, so do food donations. This year, more than ever, we can make a difference. They are very efficient—96 cents of every dollar donated goes directly to food. Please consider donating any amount to them. Serving others is serving ourselves.

Click here to make a donation.

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