Tapas (No, not the Food!)

There is this great concept in yoga called Tapas. Tapas is the purifying fire that burns out what we don’t need. As we stoke this fire, former patterns get scorched, and we are liberated!

Sounds awesome, right? Where do I buy this fire that will burn out all of my problems? Bring it on!

Here’s the deal – you can’t buy it. I guess you already knew this. It doesn’t come in the form of a “cleanse” or from being in a 100 degree room sweating buckets. It doesn’t come in cased as a promise that you won’t eat ANYTHING bad for you today, this week, this year…

Tapas – the fire – is available to all of us. In fact it lives in us right now. And guess what burns the flame bright? Our Practice. The effort that you put into your practice everyday fans the flame. Day after day, week after week, year after year, you feed the flame with your practice and the fire burns brighter and brighter.

Did I hear you say, “Bummer. I’d rather buy it”? Don’t be too sad. This freedom is easier than you may think. Your practice is mostly about perspective. The moving and breathing, the reading newsletters, the watching self help TV shows, the being generally useful in the world, the keeping good company. All of it fans the flame.

Do we have to place effort this year? Of course. Do we have to kick our own ass every day and deprive ourselves of food? Absolutely not. Everyday we enkindle the fire by de-stressing, finding our perspective and staying present. As our flame grows stronger, this effort becomes easier and easier. And one day we realize that overeating is no longer as interesting.

Sound impossible? It isn’t. We are designed as this. Yoga shows us how.

So let us all resolve to find our practice everyday – no matter what that looks like – so that our flames may burn so bright that all can see.

And if you need a little fanning, drop us an email. We’re always happy to hear from you.

Happy New Year!


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