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Anna Neiman Passalacqua

annaAnna Neiman is a food and lifestyle coach and certified Hatha and Peaceful Weight Loss™ through Yoga teacher. After years of struggling with weight and body image issues, Anna discovered yoga and the power of a daily practice. As her perspective and lifestyle shifted, so did her body. Today, in addition to teaching group yoga classes, Anna works with private clients of all ages, helping them to connect with their own best selves and make lifelong change. Based in Northampton, Massachusetts, Anna has coordinated and assisted yoga trainings at renowned yoga retreat centers including Kripalu, Yogaville, and Garrison Institute. Anna is co-creator of At Home with Peaceful Weight Loss and works with Brandt on all aspects of Peaceful Weight Loss through Yoga including the teacher training, workshops, retreats, and seminars.

“The more I practice yoga, the more respect I find for my body. I am grateful to share my experience with the healing, transformational power of Peaceful Weight Loss™ with others like myself who are tired of the struggle and ready for the rewards. It’s a privilege to join you on the journey!”

(917) 399-0971 | anna@peacefulweightloss.com

Gita Brown, MM, MT-BC

gita“During my years of training as a classical musician, I gradually became fascinated with the connection between my mind & body. I began studying yoga in 1996 as a means to facilitate greater physical ease during my music performance career. Little did I know that a decade of dedicated private study would lead to attending teacher training to become a yoga teacher!

The physical ease and mental calmness I found through these practices inevitably led to a desire for a more intense course of study, as well as an eagerness to share the benefits with others. In 2007 & 2008 I attended Integral Yoga Teacher Training through the Integral Yoga Academy in Yogaville, Virginia.

While looking for ways to cope with my own sense of helplessness and fear as I watched my ex-husband struggle with alcoholism and obesity, I found an inner reserve of calm and peace through deepening my yoga practice. Years have passed since transforming my personal life, and I now find myself living with balance & awareness.

Very naturally, as I’ve been a teacher for over 15 years, I wanted to share the practice of yoga with others. Several certifications in Integral Yoga introduced me to the branch of Peaceful Weight Loss™ through Yoga. This amazing practice, founded by Brandt Passalacqua, struck me with its simplicity and effectiveness. I have been honored to become a certified teacher in this practice, and know that sharing these teachings with others is an appropriate way to share the benefits I have received from yoga.”

(508) 591-7714, (339) 236-6955  |  gitabrown.com  |  gita@gitabrown.com


New Mexico

Anne Dellenbaugh

AGD in gold

Peaceful Weight Loss & My Food Story: I am a self-declared foodie. I’ve spent years trying to figure out what I should eat so I can feel healthy, well-nourished, and satisfied without overeating. Over the years I tried just about all the diets out there. And gradually over the years I also learned to explore the “back story” behind the food. I slowly changed my relationship with/to my body, as I discovered I loved yoga, and canoeing and hiking, and even exercise in a gym.

I was put on my first diet by my mother when I was 8 years old. I was a chubby kid and I looked an awful lot like the women on my father’s side of the family. I had their cowlicks in my hair, their eyes and build, and in retrospect it’s clear my parents both feared that I would also gain the extra pounds that both my grandmother and aunt carried all their adult lives.

I didn’t pay much attention to that first diet, but it set me on a course of being super conscious of weight and food.  I’ve more than made up for my nonchalant attitude toward that first diet by trying just about every diet out there at one time or another. I spent most of my life in a daily battle with food, weight, my body and my appetites. I gained and then lost the same 25 pounds over and over. I have been more than 50 pounds overweight. I learned to starve myself for weeks at a time every year or so to “manage” my weight.

Then slowly something started to shift. I started to make some changes in my life–some of which had nothing to do with food. I began to do yoga regularly, found myself in a daily routine that included getting enough sleep, and something else started to happen. I began to see how the addiction to food related to my emotional states. This seems obvious, but there was a level of truth and feeling here that I hadn’t been willing to touch.

In 2011, I met Brandt Passalacqua and began training in Peaceful Weight Loss®. The Peaceful Weight Loss Through Yoga method works! I completed Brandt’s training and have now worked with many people who are successfully losing weight.

(207) 751-4875   | annedellenbaugh.com | anne@annedellenbaugh.com


New York

Suzanne Lynch, Director of Saratoga springs Yoga

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Suzanne has been helping people get out of pain, and live happier, healthier lives for over 12 years. She has a special talent and affinity for Therapeutic Yoga, and loves helping clients feel better than they have in years. Suzanne has been a meditator for 30 years, and was certified in 2001 by the NACC as a Catholic Chaplain. She has studied yoga since 1989. Suzanne lives in Saratoga with her husband, Bruce. She is a mother of two grown children.

(518) 588-5542  |  saratogaspringsyoga.com | suzanne.lynch@me.com 




Alexis Ridge-Simek & Joe Simek, Dragonfly Yoga Studio

Alexis Ridge-Simek and Joe Simek have owned and operated Dragonfly Yoga Studio in Doylestown, PA for more than a decade and simply put, yoga has changed their lives. Much of their own weight loss can be contributed to the lifestyle changes made through yoga. They were thrilled to learn of Brandt’s Peaceful Weight Loss program because it was not only a comprehensive yoga weight loss program, but it matched their own yoga philosophy. In addition to being trained as Peaceful Weight Loss instructors, Alexis and Joe are 500-hour trained yoga teachers and therapists. http://www.dragonflyyogastudio.com/pwl

dragonflyyogastudio@yahoo.com | Alexis: 215.622.4612 | Joe: 267.885.8512




Linda Daya Neas, RYT

LindaAs my given Sanskrit name, Daya, reveals, compassion is at the center of my life and counseling practice.

Ever since my first exposure to Peaceful Weight Loss Through Yoga at a retreat in Yogaville, Virginia, I knew that this gentle approach was striking a chord in my heart. Having struggled with weight for most of my life, this approach resounded with the word peaceful. Finally, I was ready to let go of the constant battle and find a new approach to my issues. Using my yoga practice as a catalyst for lasting change was an added bonus.

I began doing yoga many years ago when my children were young and discovered the immeasurable value of the asanas and meditation to my well-being. Yoga became an anchor to my inner peace and deeper understanding.

I went further to become a Yoga teacher both to deepen my own practice and share this amazing journey with others. Certified with the Yoga Alliance, my training includes certifications in Integral Yoga, Peaceful Weight Loss Through Yoga, Gentle and Chair Yoga, and Laugh-A-Yoga. Most recently, I have been accepted as a teacher of teacher candidates at the Institute of Health and Healing.

Working with many people for the past 25 years in various capacities as a teacher, counselor, and exercise therapist has become my life’s mission. It has been my privilege to see so many personal changes in my students as they discover and connect to their inner strength and wisdom. I see how stress reduction, self-awareness, and peaceful living become for them a sustainable way to meaningful life changes.

It would be my pleasure to share the compassionate approach of Peaceful Weight Loss with you. Wherever your journey may take you, may the simplicity, effectiveness, and one-on-one approach of the program open the way to a lighter and brighter future. Namaste’

(757) 483-3801 | simplybreathe2@cox.net


Manitoba, Canada

Kathleen Helgason, BA, RYT

kathleenKathleen personally embraces a daily practice of yoga and meditation and shares the benefits of this practice with others. She is a certified yoga teacher through the Yoga Alliance (RYT 200 Hours) and is a certified teacher in Peaceful Weight Loss™ Through Yoga, a program developed by Brandt Bhanu Passalacqua of Massachusetts. As a Peaceful Weight Loss™ teacher, Kathleen helps people develop a healthier relationship with food and their bodies. Kathleen has over 20 years experience in group facilitation, individual counselling, and program development. She has specialized in addressing issues of anger, addiction, and relapse prevention. Kathleen has also trained in Mindfulness Integrated Cognitive Behavioural Therapy as developed by Dr. Bruno Cayoun at the MiCBT Institute, University of Tasmania. This therapeutic approach teaches people to develop self-awareness and self-control, and to change unwanted patterns of behaviour. She is committed to working with people to achieve optimum well-being and greater balance in their everyday lives. Kathleen is based in Manitoba, Canada.

(204) 757-9432 | khelgason@heilsaholistic.ca