• Because of the Peaceful Weight Loss teachings I’m now within the Army’s required weight limits. The best news is that because of my daily yoga and meditation practice I have no stress about the Army’s requirements. Life is good!!! Namaste”

    R.W., Seminar participant
  • I have struggled for years with being overweight, and I have some serious physical limitations from injuries. I found this book to be a compassionate and practical guide to making changes in a way I could manage. It is well written and intelligent, and surprisingly easy to internalize. Using yoga and meditation to develop a healthy relationship with my body has proven to be an important first step in losing weight and getting healthy. I highly recommend it!”

    J.F., Amazon.com review
  • “I took the Yoga for Peaceful Weight Loss Teacher Training last year and benefited tremendously; I can’t recommend it enough! The common sense approach Brandt has created is completely brilliant. This course transformed my own relationship to food and my body, and increased the amount of wellness I experience on a daily basis. I learned how important it is to work with someone over a longer period of time, what kind of guidance is needed in order for clients to take the next step, and how individual support is key to lasting changes.”

    Suzanne Lynch, Director of Saratoga Springs Yoga
  • Brandt’s techniques have helped me learn how to eat for energy, enjoy my food, and strengthen my body. I have lost over 30 pounds and gained the focus I need to get through my day with energy to spare.”