The Antidote

In herbalism it is often said that a poisonous plant and its antidote always grow near each other. Nature has a way of taking care of us in this way. If we let our awareness expand we can find the cure for what ails us.

It’s really the same for us on this weight loss path. The very thing that has contributed to all this weight gain is also the cure. We need to eat our way out. We need to eat regularly. We need to eat all of the time!

We may need to look around a bit and change what we are eating. Or maybe alter the way our food is prepared. But we shouldn’t stop eating. We need to believe that food is our salvation – our friend.

This may be asking a lot of ourselves. Changing our perspective is tricky for those of us who have an abysmal relationship with food. The very thought of eating can cause anxiety because we are so caught up in it being a problem. And it’s hard for us to let go of the fantasy that if we don’t eat we will arrive at our goal really fast. We are all generally impatient.

This is why we practice being present and focusing on the task at hand. Making sure we have food easily available all the time. And making sure that food is reasonably appealing and nourishing – whatever that means to us at this time.

Once we truly take in that eating is the way out we can move towards our real goal: To find the weight we need to be in a sustainable way. Which includes our body and mind finding more and more peace.

May you find all the nourishment you need today!

Om Shanti ~ Brandt

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