Whole Food – Just Whole Food

My clients and I keep coming to the same conclusion: If I eat mostly whole foods, I feel great and my weight finds itself a comfortable spot for me.

I am blessed to watch people experience this time and time again.

I also get to see another common occurrence: the silly mind sneaking in and saying, “It’s not that simple—it was really the exercise, vitamins, starvation, etc…”

Sometimes the mind does its nasty work by simply allowing us to forget simple truths. Sometimes it is protecting us from the pain of realizing that the trauma we have been putting ourselves through is so easily rectified.

So here it is. Allow yourself to be free of suffering from your diet. Today allow your eating to be part of your ongoing process of self-realization—today, nourish yourself. We allow our energy to rise, our minds to be clear, our bodies to be more easeful, by eating whole food. The only effort we need to apply is not to forget that eating is simple.

Don’t believe me—try it.



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