Why We’re different. Making Peace with Food.

Having a founder that lost over 100 pounds by doing everything perfectly wrong before doing it right, certainly ups our success ante. He also works with a team of specially certified Peaceful Weight Loss professionals.

What Makes Peaceful Weight Loss Through Yoga Radically Different from Other Programs or Coursework?

Many millions of people have tried many millions of ways – so many nonsensical ways to lose weight in order to be healthier.

Peaceful Weight Loss™ through Yoga transforms your dependency on food and brings your life back into greater balance. Yet only changing our diet is a short-term solution that generally adds to our frustrations with weight, body image, and food.

Fortunately, there is a more holistic approach:

Change Your Thinking. Make Peace With Food. Change Your Life.

Experience a combination of simple yet practical diet, lifestyle, and yogic guidelines that show the way towards a peaceful mind and body.

Past experiences are just that. The past. You can change your now with simple shifts that rewire your recurring negative self-talk that impedes your confidence. We can help you change your thinking around food, calories, nutrition, body, and weight loss.

Are You Ready To Do It Differently This Time?

We will teach you a surefire simple series of yoga postures along with cognitive, meditation, breathing, and lifestyle tools to examine and modify your eating patterns. As you explore what your body truly needs and how your life supports this, you will discover new ways of moving, breathing, and eating that will help you achieve your ideal weight and discover more self-compassion.

And then the magic really begins.