Working with Cravings

I’ve received a lot of questions lately concerning cravings for specific foods. So I thought I’d revisit the topic here.

Our minds latch on to the idea that certain foods are essential. Chocolate, soda, bread and cookies are common foods that people mention. What I’ve seen is that the mind is perfectly happy to redirect its cravings if given the chance. Truly listening to our body mind means taking apart the components of the craving and satisfying what lies underneath.

Take soda for an example. Are you craving bubbly water? Sweet flavor? Sugar? Nutrasweet? Is the craving the desire to clear your mouth of the flavor at dinner? Any of these are possible. If we contemplate what we are craving more specifically, we will satisfy it in a different, more focused way. Seltzer with fruit juice – an orange, a bite of sorbet, are all options.

As we move towards whole foods to satiate ourselves, our system functions more efficiently and clearly and the cravings lessen. Eventually, as we work with this, we see the difference between random mental craving and our bodies’ need certain foods. We are then able to truly fulfill our bodies’ needs without burdening it with excess input of no value to us. This clarity is available to all of us with just a bit of practice.

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